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Petal Children's Task Force Food Pantry look to receive donations

PETAL, Miss. - The following interview is with Petal Children's Task Force's Executive Director, Demaris Lee. During the interview she clearly explains the mission and her goals for the food pantry.

"Well I’m Demaris Lee. I’m from Petal, Mississippi and I was born and raised here. [I] graduated from Petal. The Petal Children’s Task Force is a Food Pantry. We try to help people who have had hard ships. The box of food that we provide will help them get over the hump, where one day they might turn around and say you helped me and now I will be able to help you. There are people in our community that do need help. We help anybody who is in need. Now you have to bring in two proofs of residency and a photo ID. We have between 150 and 175 families, sometimes that ranges between 500 and 800 people. We also have 8 to 10 homeless people and we try to service them too you know. There are a lot of people who come in once a month to get a food box because they cant make it. It’s not just the young people or the middle aged people, it’s the elderly too. I always say God someone else can do this and he says no, I got you to do this. I just got a heart to feed people. I don’t want people to be down. That’s what my one thing is, I don’t want nobody to go hungry and nobody to be cold. If I can do it and God gives me strength to do it then that’s what I’m going to do. We’re just so blessed that people do come and want to give. We’ve got people that donate and don’t even live here. So they can be from Petal and they moved on so they come back. You can donate online or come in and bring a check, or see me on the streets. I’m around Petal all the time.”



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