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Hattiesburg Convention Commission take steps toward building Giraffe barn

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Hattiesburg Convention Commission Board Members are currently working on a blue print design for a Giraffe Barn. Executive Director Rick Taylor said he and his team will soon visit the Nashville Zoo to learn more about an internal giraffe exhibit and external barn.

“The barn is a critical component in providing proper management and care of the giraffes. So we hope to go up there sometime in the month of February and learn a little bit about how they manage the giraffes indoors and that will factor...into the design of the giraffe barn that will sit right out there visible on Hardy street. Along with our plan to accommodate at lease four giraffes," said Taylor during an interview.

He stated that all zoo profits from 2017 will not cover the cost of the premiere exhibit. Instead, the convention commission saw fit to allocate special funds to house the giraffes.

Taylor said this year an $800,000 profit is the goal to bring more attractions to the zoo.



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