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New Possible Infrastructure Program

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - The Mississippi Senate passed a budget of more than one-billion dollars for an infrastructure program. The bill is now currently awaiting approval from the House of Representatives. The new bill will look at improving bridges, roads, sewers, and a few other public services.

"The highlights of it is it has no taxes whatsoever. It reprioritizes spending,” Mississippi’s State Senator, Joey Fillingane said. “Basically it's about six-hundred million dollars for highway improvements and it's over a five year period... So, we budgeted ninety-eight percent of the expected revenues and then the two percent we don't we don't budge for, at the end of the year it's usually a cash balance left over. We typically put that in a Rainy Day Fund. The Rainy Day Fund is now at like three-hundred-fifty million dollars, so we feel very confident that the Rainy Day Fund is efficient for any kinds of shortfalls or natural disasters that may happen over the next couple of years.”

If the new program makes it through the house it will go before the governor for approval.



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