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Senator Chris McDaniel Announces He Will Run for a Spot in the U.S. Senate

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – In the early afternoon on Wednesday, Senator Chris McDaniel confirmed the speculations that he will be running for the U.S. Senate and he will be challenging Roger Wicker. This comes after he made a Facebook post saying that he had a big announcement to make, and it would take place at Jones County Junior College. “Donald Trump told us that he wanted to drain the swamp, and I’m going to go there to help him drain the swamp,” Sen. McDaniel said "The swamp is not being drained. Donald Trump needs help, and he can't have help as long as long as the establishment by Mitch McConnell is forcing him to play games. It's time to help Donald Trump drain this swamp once and for all. We have to have new blood to do that.” When asked about the difference between him and his opponent, McDaniel said he sees a clear difference. “If you want a yes man for Mitch McConnell, Wicker is your guy. If you want a conservative, I'm your guy,” McDaniel said. “If you want a liberal that's going to go along with the Democrats, Wicker is your guy. It's a simple calculation.” His opponent, Sen. Wicker said he looks forward to the challenge in a statement he released. “Gayle and I are looking forward to this campaign and sharing my record of successfully fighting to reduce job-killing regulations, confirm conservative judges, enact historic tax cuts, rebuild our military, and honor our veterans. We will work hard to once again earn the votes and support of all Mississippians.”



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