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MDOT Holds A Special Training "Roadeo"

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – Thursday morning, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) holds a “Roadeo” to showcase their skills in a little friendly competition. During the competition MDOT employees make their way through a special designed course. The course presents obstacles that employees deal with on a daily basis.

“Today we’re holding the District Six Roadeo,” District Engineer, Kelly Castleberry said. “We hold this event all across the state in our different districts, and what it does it gives our District Six employees… our maintenance employees a day to showcase how good they are operating equipment.”

Employees showcased their skills by completing multiple obstacles courses. These courses were designed to simulate real life scenarios and measure precision, because sometimes in the real world it only comes down to a matter inches.

“A lot of times the top three competitors will be separated by merely tenths of an inch,” the district safety officer engineer, Hunt Hudson said.

When asked about how the competition was scored, Castleberry replied saying every competition is scored different.

“So, scoring is determined… it depends on what event you're on, but if you touch a cone there are points deducted. If you don't touch a cone you get the full series, and so the scoring differs based on the activity you’re doing,” Castleberry said.

Even though, Thursday’s competition might seem fun. Kelly Castleberry wants to let the public know these workers provide a service that could be very dangerous.

“Every day they are working the behalf of the citizens,” Castleberry said. “Go ahead and give them a little room, slow down if you see them on the side of the road. Show them a little bit of respect because we do want them to go home safely to their families’ every day.”



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