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Man outside of Laurel High School found without weapons near school site

LAUREL, Miss. - Laurel Police Department responded to a report of a man with a gun outside of Laurel High School Tuesday. Officer Tommy Cox said 30-year-old Erich Taylor was spotted by a couple of students who recognize him from a prior arrest about a month ago.

After LPD was notified, they did not find any guns or weapons on Taylor. However, authorities arrested him to keep students safe.

“During our investigation and after we received statements we found out that, the initial information came from students that were looking out the window of the school and initially communicated with some person that called the office saying that’s the guy they got with the gun before," said Officer Cox. "Not that he had a gun right then. So, there’s absolutely no evidence he had a gun on school campus yesterday,”

During the investigation authorities located a weapon inside Taylor’s home that appeared to be altered.

The investigation is still ongoing.



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