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Jimmy Buffett Tickets Give Away at the Saenger Theatre

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Thursday evening, inside the Saenger Theatre, Minit Mart gave out two sets of two Jimmy Buffett tickets to a couple of residents who donated a can of peanut butter to help out thousands of individuals across the pine belt. Residents from across the pine belt donated one jar of butter for a chance to win Jimmy Buffett tickets. “It's over 700 jars of peanut butter that we have right there, and it's probably an equal number of sardines cans,” Zachary Newsom, the event coordinator of the Saenger Theatre said. Minit Mart matched each jar of peanut butter with a can of sardines. The irony behind these items comes from the conspiracy, Jimmy Buffett used to steal peanut butter and sardines for the Minit Mart on 28th Avenue back in the day. Amanda Bailey, the founder’s grand-daughter of Minit Mart pulled two jars of peanut butter for Tuesday’s lucky contestants. As for the jars of peanut butter, they will go to a local food pantry to help residents in need. “We're filling up a lot of barrels here,” Ann McCullen said, “So, hopefully, this will get us through a month. I mean that would be super. But every gift we get for the community would be so appreciated because it makes sure hungry neighbors have what they need.” If you didn't win tickets this time, Downtown Hattiesburg will have a Street Party on Forrest Street between City Hall and the Saenger Theatre, Thursday at 3 p.m. where they will give away more Jimmy Buffett tickets.



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