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Senator Chris McDaniel Addresses Recent Attack Ads

LAUREL, MISS. - State Senator and U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel paid a visit to the Southern Civitan Club to share his American dream. “I come to Jones County to share my vision for our country and for our state,” McDaniel said. “The bottom line is Mississippi can do better. We're tired of being last. It's time to move forward, and we can do that with good fighters in Washington D.C.” However, McDaniel has been the center of attack ads calling him a “trial lawyer,” which he says is simply not true. “One of the ads, it says that I’m a trial lawyer,” McDaniel said. “You know I’ve been practicing law all these years, and almost exclusively defending corporations and small businesses from lawsuits. It's an outright fabrication, but it seems they get away with that stuff.” McDaniel mentioned he recently asked for one of the ads to be taken down. “So, the idea is to ask them to take it down,” McDaniel said. “Will they do it? Probably not. Because the machine is very reluctant to do the right thing.” McDaniel estimates that his attackers spend millions of dollars to degrade his character. “They already spent more than three million dollars on me in just that past six weeks, all designed to attack me,” McDaniel said. Despite the ads, the U.S. Senate candidate still has his eyes focused on Thad Cochran's old seat. “I want the chance to show the people of this state what I can do,” McDaniel said. “I want the chance to stand their debate and fight the powers of Washington, D.C. give me those two years. The remaining two years, and if I don't stand and fight for your belief system. If I don't make a difference, you can bring me home in 2020.”



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