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$500,000 Donation goes to Sacred Heart

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Local Catholic Diocese announced donations to three Mississippi Catholic schools on May 9. The donation comes as an anonymous gift given in an effort to erase the schools’ debt. Bishop Louis F. Kihneman III, Bishop of Biloxi; Dr. Mike Ladner, Diocesan Superintendent of schools; Dr. Rhonda Clark, Assistant Superintendent of schools and key personnel from each school were available to discuss the generous donations. “Resurrection School in Pascagoula has five-hundred thousand, St. Patricks in Biloxi has five-hundred thousand, and Sacred Heart in Hattiesburg has five-hundred thousand,” Bishop of Biloxi Louis Kihneman said. “It is a challenge grant and a gift so that as we raise money towards the reduction of the debt for each of those three schools, and it will be matched up to five-hundred thousand dollars over a five-year period, or as quick as they can do it.” This donation will help play a major role in eliminating all the debt for all three schools.



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