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Fire Hydrant Testing in Hattiesburg

This press release comes from The City of Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg, Miss – Between Monday, July 23 and Friday, July 27, citizens will see the Hattiesburg Fire Department working alongside the Mississippi State Rating Bureau to conduct annual testing on a random sample of fire hydrants across the city.

This testing includes flushing more than 60 hydrants to look at water flow, pressure and operations for emergency use, per standards issued by the Bureau. This test sample is outside of the annual testing that takes place September through October, which assesses the pressure and flow of every hydrant located in the City of Hattiesburg.

Residents in these areas may encounter blocked roads or traffic detours during this time, as well as low water pressure or discolored water. These are the typical side effects of hydrants being flushed.

If a resident experiences loss of service or an elongated time of low pressure or discolored water, please call 601-545-4500.

See the resources below for a web version of this release, maps and a spreadsheet of locations:

  • News listing on website:

  • Locations of fire hydrants mapped:

  • Spreadsheet of fire hydrants:

  • An FAQ can also be found below.


Q: Why is my water pressure low?

A: Your water pressure may be low due to the flushing of fire hydrants, which lowers the water pressure in the area that is being tested. This issue will be resolved once flushing is completed.

Q: Why is my water discolored?

A: Water discoloration or turbid water is caused by the stirring of sedimentation in the water main when hydrants are flushed.

Q: What should I do if my residence has discolored water?

A: Run faucets within your home for a few minutes or until water becomes clear.

Q: If water is discolored, is it safe for consumption?

A: Yes. The discoloration is caused by harmless mineral deposits which settle in the water main and are stirred during the flushing activity.

Q: Is it OK to wash laundry when water is discolored?

A: No. Please run all water inside the home for approximately 15 minutes or until water clears. You should check water clarity by capturing a sample from the washing machine in a clear glass or container. If water is cloudy or discolored, please do not wash laundry. If your clothes become discolored due to cloudy water, do not put them in the drier. First, run a cycle of water through your machine and rewash discolored clothes.




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