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A Hattiesburg High Student Gets the Surprise of Her Life

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – On Wednesday, a Hattiesburg High School student gets the surprise of a lifetime. Alaysha Gibson, a Hattiesburg High senior and a member of the school’s JROTC program has not seen her mother in nearly nine months. Gibson’s mother deployed to Kuwait in November 2017 and is not expected to return home until November 2018.

During a classroom lecture in JROTC, Gibson got the surprise of her life as her mother walked in as a guest speaker. Surprised and shocked, Gibson rushed to her mother with the world’s biggest huge. “I wanted it to be special for them so they can remember it, and surprise them,” Gibson’s mother and U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, Beverley Hughes said. “So, it's been hard for me to keep it from them for the last month. Overran with emotion, Gibson explains what it means to her to finally have her mother back home. “It means everything to me,” Gibson said. Overflowing with emotion, Gibson and Hughes can finally say they’ve found their storybook ending. Now, this family plans to catch up on lost time.



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