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Major Marijuana Bust

Jefferson Davis County - Monday afternoon, Mississippi Narcotic Agents uncovered a major marijuana grove in South Mississippi, which is believed to be set up by a Mexican Cartel. It’s only a few miles from where authorities found a similar plot last year in rural Jefferson Davis County. Narcotics agents discovered the marijuana field (approximately 40 acres) through their surveillance investigation and moved in Monday to begin the eradication process. Officials estimate there were over 50,000 mature marijuana plants in 7 plots worth more than $50 million. One person is in custody and the search continues for others, who worked in the marijuana field. There are indications that illegal immigrants were working the fields. Just like last year’s discovery, agents believe Mexican Cartels are behind the development of these fields. The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics was assisted in the raid by DEA agents, as well as the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Mississippi Bureau of Investigators, and Mississippi Wildlife and Fisheries officials.



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