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Chris McDaniel's Press Conference Addresses Kavanaugh & Recent Media Comments

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - U.S. Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel comments in an MSNBC interview in Oxford, Miss. earlier this week landed the Jones County State Senator in hot water. In the interview, McDaniel issued the following statement while talking to panelist Eddie Glaude Jr., chairman of African American studies at Princeton University...

“After 100 years of relying on big government to save you, where are you today?” McDaniel asked. “After 100 years of begging for federal government scraps where are you today? We've been dead last for one-hundred years.” McDaniel’s comment drew a reaction from the crowd (as the crowd booed), but McDaniel quickly cleared up his comments by saying… “I'm talking about the state of Mississippi,” McDaniel stated. Friday evening during a press conference, the senator addressed his recent comments and also spoke about the appointment of U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. “We are talking about an allegation from an event that may have taken place, but no proof that it took place 35 years ago,” McDaniel said, addressing the appointment of Kavanaugh. “The bottom line here is I don't find it credible at all. I think Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately.” Also, McDaniel doubled down on his comments about Mississippi being last. “I stand by what I said,” McDaniel stated. “I’m very serious about what I said. Our state cannot be economically prosperous if we are depending on the federal government to prop us up. Our people can’t be economically prosperous if they don’t have jobs, put simply we want jobs, not welfare.” McDaniel plans to debate both of his two Democratic opponents, Mike Espy and Tobey Bartee in October.



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