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Jones County Sheriff's Department receives upgrade in firepower

JONES COUNTY, MISS. - The Jones County Sheriff's Department received two new high-powered riffles through a grant award by the NRA Foundation. In a Tuesday morning press conference, the department shared the importance of two new AR-15 assault riffle's, and how they can help the department combat crime across the county.

"They [criminals] are coming up with rifles, long rifles, assault rifles, and we need to be able to compete back with them," Jones County Sheriff, Alex Hodge said. "It's important because precious seconds count whenever somebody turns loose on one of our people with a high-powered rifle... we have to stay competitive, not we should be ahead of those who would seek to do harm, not only to law enforcement but also to our citizens."

Currently, the department has one more grant in processing with the NRA for 2019.



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