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The Warrior Competition takes place at Camp Shelby

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – Soldiers from around the nation are flying into Camp Shelby this week, to compete in this year’s “Best Warriors Competition.”

Each participant competing must show a variety of skill sets to be named the “best warrior” in the division. “First and foremost, it is a competition,” Carl Fagan, the Command Sergeant Major of the First Army’s Division East reiterated. “What we’ve done is assemble the best of the best from around the division.” Soldiers competed in numerous activities, which include strength and conditioning, target shooting, ruck marches, and combative tournaments. “[I’m] tired and sore,” Mark Padfield, a participant in the competition said. “Other than that, [I’m] pretty good.” Aside from getting the soldiers’ competitive juices flowing through the three-day competition, soldiers also see the Warrior Competition as an important part of army values and traditions. “It is easy for competitions like this to be overcome by up-tempo training and things of that nature, but this [competition] helps us hold our traditions and determine who is the best of the best,” Fagan admitted. “I think in general competition is healthy but make no doubt about it, there is only going to be one winner in this competition.” The Warrior Competition ends March 1.



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