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FCSO issues scam alert

(The following is a press release from the Forrest County Sheriff's Department.)

Forrest County, Miss. – Sheriff Charlie Sims warns of a phone scam that used an actual sheriff’s deputy’s name.

A resident of Forest, MS, received a phone call recently from an unidentified male caller who claimed to be, “Major Jamie Humphrey from the Forrest County Sheriff’s Office”. The caller told the man he owed fines and needed to pay them. In response to the phone call, the man then got in his car and began driving to Forrest County to pay his fine. While enroute, the man called the number back and the scammer then informed him to stop at a kiosk and pay the fine to, “save gas money.” The victim stopped and paid $650 at a kiosk as directed by the scammer. At this point the victim began to reason that he may have been duped and arrived at the Forrest County Sheriff's Office in person. Once at the FCSO the man realized he had been scammed out of his money, and a report was filed and although an investigation is underway it is extremely unlikely the victim’s money will be returned.

Sheriff Charlie Sims advised, “Please do not respond to calls that want you to pay a fine anywhere other than an official government office.” The Sheriff also warned, “No law enforcement agency collects fines in this manner. We will never ask you to pay money to the Sheriff’s office. We don’t collect fines. Justice Court collects all fines.”

If you receive a phone call, make note of the number you are being contacted from and never agree to pay for any fines or fees. Once you hang up, look up the number of the law enforcement agency that allegedly called you and call their legitimate number and tell a law enforcement representative what you have been asked to do. In any scenario we can think of where you are being asked to wire or send money, gift cards, or pay a fine or fee with a “green dot card” or some other way other than as Sheriff Sims advised, the answer will be to disregard the instructions you received. The main number for the FCSO is 601-544-7800. Please call us anytime you believe you have suspicion about something you are being asked to do that, “doesn’t feel right.”




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