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What would you do with $2300?


     Pay off your car?     Fix something in the house?     Buy an engagement ring?


We can think of a lot of things you can do with that kind of cash. And lucky for you, MyFox23 is giving away $2300… Not just once. Not just twice. But every week for four weeks! And this isn’t a “do something like hit a hole in one” chance to win… this is a “all you gotta do is watch Big Bang Theory once!” kind of contest. Sure, you’ll get more chances the more you watch…

up to five entries in a week.

So… “How do I get my hands on that cold, hard cash?” you ask? Easy. Here’s how.

Every single night for four weeks, Monday through Friday, April 27 – May 22, during Big Bang Theory, we’ll put a code on the screen. Then, visit our facebook page ( or go to our website ( and enter the code. That’s it. You’re entered to win. We’ll announce the week’s winner each Sunday night between 6pm and 9pm.

And if you didn’t pick up the $2300 one week? You’ve got three more weeks to win! Plus… there’s tons of cool Big Bang swag – we’re calling it the Galaxy of Prizes – that we’re giving away to winners, too.

Every day you watch and enter the code is another entry.


Watch and Win $2300 with MyFox23 and the Big Bang Theory.


Week 1 winner!

Week 2 winner!

Week 3 winner!

Week 4


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