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GE Aviation taking their employees' health seriously

Ellisville, MS - GE has placed continued emphasis on the health and well being of its employees and just opened a Health and Wellness Center with an onsite nurse whom will serve 120 of their employees. The center is associated with South Central Regional Medical Center and will serve medical needs of its Ellisville team for urgent care, wellness and observational purposes.

Nate Beach, GE's Plant Leader says, "Our employees are very excited of having a Health and Wellness Center. It gives them a few things, you know the ability to conveniently get some medical advice."

The onsite nurse, Vanessa Cochran continues, "Sometimes maybe you don't have time or don't want to take th time to go have your blood pressure checked at a formal clinic or maybe it will take a little but longer, so there very excited to have the services here right at their front door."

As GE continues to hire more workers they plan on expanding their Health and Wellness Center.



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