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Clayton Hinton kicked off the ballot before the general elections

Perry County, MS - Just weeks before the general election, Clayton Hinton is urging governor Bryant to be added to the ballot. Hinton was running for District Five Supervisor in Perry County and finished second in the runoff election after Bert Hartfield, who later dropped out of the race due to health reasons.

Hinton said, "Without exxagerating I've had as much as 200-250 phone calls from people asking why I cannot get on the ballot because there are people that would vote for me if I was on the ticket."

Since Hartfield dropped out of the race, Hinton and the Democratic Party believe it is only fair for him to represent the democratic side.

A this time there is only one candidate running for District Five Supervisor who represents the Republican Party.

Hinton continues, "All I'm asking is, let the people of District Five elect the supervisor and not let the governor appoint a Republican to the post in District Five."

Governor Bryant's office was reached several times with an unsuccsesful response. Hinton says if he is not on the ballot before voting day he plans on running again in four years.



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