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ADHD conference benefits professions and parents

Hattiesburg, MS - The Hattiesburg Clinic Connections hosted its 12th annual ADHD conference to benefit professions and parents of the ADHD disorder.

The conference which is currently the only kind in South Mississippi included discusions on ADHD, coexisting disorders, such as, dyslexia, behavior managerment, and autism.

This year's keynote speaker is Dr. Russell Barkley, an award-winning internationally recognized authority on ADHD. His lecture greatly benefited various professions, caregivers, and parents who want more information in supervising and raising a child with ADHD.

Dr. Ronald Kent the Hattiesburg Clinic Connections Director says, "There is a lot of misconceptions, one of the primary misconceptions is that all kids with ADHD have behavioral problems and so as we understand it better we are able to help them more at their point of need."

The conference had about 500 attendees from the Southeast states.



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