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Oak Grove High School Band

Lamar Co. - Oak Grove High School has always been known for their top-class education, but that’s not the only thing the high school is known for. For decades, their band has had a rich history of success…and today is no different.

Band Instructor, Sharon Laird said, "I do believe it’s one of the best programs in the state and maybe even the region and the nation. We’re very proud of what we have here and what we’ve accomplished over the years.”

And of course, none of this is possible without great teaching and great students.

Laird said, “They have such great ownership in what we do and they believe in themselves and they believe in what we teach here at Oak Grove. We teach not only to be superior on the field, but your character and your reputation needs to be superior in the very best off the field as well.”

Practicing every day and getting better is a grind, but her students love and embrace the challenge.

Oak Grove High School Student, Laci Arnau said, “The staff is incredible. They’ve been with me since sixth grade and they’ve taught me well. The band’s amazing and I love putting in all the hard work and effort we do.”

Oak Grove High School Student, Jaylen Comegys said, “We have a great program. Our band directors care about each and every student on a personal level even outside of band.”

Sharon Laird and her staff strive not to solely teach band and performance, but life lessons too.

Laird said, “Because we believe that life lessons are taught in band and we want them to carry not only your musical lessons, but also the responsibility, the dedication, and the character that we learn as part of what we teach in music we want them to carry that throughout their life.”



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