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Collins Religious Artwork Controversy

Collins is a city that is economically growing as a whole. But now, something it's done for 12 years is causing a problem.

During the last dozen years, Collins has displayed religious artwork throughout the city, and specifically at the city park.

Collins Mayor, V.O. Smith said, "On the 19th of October, the city clerk here received an email from the Freedom Religion Foundation out of Madison, Wisconsin."

The emailed stated a local Mississippian complained about some of the Christmas displays throughout Collins and they thought it was unconstitutional and needed to come down.

Smith said, "We haven't really made the decision yet. We are talking with some people that might help fight a case like this."

The first amendment's establishment clause prohibits the government from preferring any one religion over another. But, it does not prohibit the government to display religious artwork.

Organizations filed a complaint about religious displays in Collins. The mayor and his representatives are currently working to solve this issue.



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