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Confusion between Initiative 42 and Alternative Measure 42 A

Hattiesburg, MS - Initiative 42 is a proposed amendment to the Mississippi Constitution. It would change Section 201 and essentially replace the word 'legislature' with 'state'. The Iniatiative would removed the elected Representatives and Senators, ultimately giving the decision making process to a judge.

Rep. Steven Palazzo of District 4 says, "Personally from what I read I think it is a horrible bill. I think it is going to cost th state 200 or 300 miliion dollars a year."

Alternative Measure 42 A supports the current constitution and continues to hand the decision making process to the legislature. However, the funding process is altered and the legislature will fund schools based on school performance.

Rep. Greg Snowden of District 83 says, "Effective means it is working, are our kids learning? Not are we adequately spending enough money."

Section 201 on the Mississippi Constitutions states, "The legistlature shall, by general law, provide for the establishment, maintenance and support of free public schools upon such conditions and limitations as the legislature may prescribe." Tomorrow voters will have the option to essentially keep the constitution or allow a judge to make the important decisions.

The Lamar County School District was reached twice regarding the Initiative, but opted out for an interview.



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