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Mack Grubbs Ford Dealership Re-Opens

Columbia, MS - This was Mack Grubbs Ford dealership after the tornado that hit here last year....and today, both, the employers and employees are celebrating the grand re-opening of the dealership.

Dealer Operator, Mack Grubbs said, “It's just good to get back with normal times I call it, so we can put things back in the process that we can service and sale to customers like we used to three years ago."

After the tornado, Grubbs Ford was out of business for about two weeks. Grubbs explains the natural disaster that took place.

"We had two-thirds of this building was completely demolished and a complete roof taken off of it. We had about 185 cars here that was damaged. About six or eight of them were totaled and the rest of them had damages anywhere from $600 as up to much as $16,000. It all happened in about 15 seconds. The roofs were all gone, all the steel beams were gone. I just couldn't believe wind could be that strong."



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