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Black Friday Shopping

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Today is Black Friday and people were lined-up and ready to hit the stores to purchase some products that had great deals.

I went to Wal-Mart to see what people were looking for.

Black Friday shopper, Tameka White said, "This is our second time here for Black Friday. We came earlier. We bought a flat screen TV, an Xbox One, some Beats for my god child. But, we're just trying to see what else is left since the crowd has settled down."

White told me how her previous shopping experience was earlier today.

White said, "We were elbow-to-elbow. I think everyone really tapped into the Black Friday thing. I thought since they had the online special that people would just not come into stores like normal. But they were in here. We were packed tight."

White shared with me why she had to make a second trip.

White said, "Just to see any good deals that I missed earlier. Like I said, my main focus was the TV, Xbox One, and the Beats that Wal-Mart had, so I just want to see if there's something that I missed."



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