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William Carey University planning to expand next academic school year

Hattiesburg, Miss - After a two year delay in expanding the William Carey campus, the school administration has a plan to enlarge their campus to meet the needs of their athletes and students.

Provost of William Carey, Dr. Scott Hummel, says, "We're able to really pay attention to what we can do to grow as a University, and one of the ways we felt we can do that is building a fantastic base of athletics we have had here for a long time."

Steve Knight, Athletics Director and Coach of the Men's basketball team is excited for the new renovations.

"Now obviously with the way strength and conditioning nowadays, we have been in need of our own facility in order to enhance our student athletes' strength and ability to be faster, quicker, and stronger."

Knight further mentions adding to the gym will benefit all athletes, "Well it is something like I said that we need, it is something that is going to enhance our program. It is something that a lot of teams in our league have a lot of type of these facilities, we have done great without them, but I think this is something that will help take us to another level."

The school is not only making renovations to just their gym, but expanding their biology department too, as more and more sutdents are majoring in health related fields.

Dr. Hummel says, "Part of it is a cycle that as we grow, that we bring in more attention and awareness of William Carey and so we grow even more and so we are wanting to sustain that but we also have plans and expectations for William Carey University to continue to grow."

Next academic school year William Carey is starting their volleyball team and Doctorates in Physical Therapy program.

"In the last few years the athletics department has grown from five to fourteen sports teams" Dr. Hummel says.



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