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Longleaf Trace adds preventative safety for users

HATTIESBURG, Miss - The 8th Annual Progress Report for the Longleaf Trace was a bit special this time around. The trail received a $250,535 dollar check from the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) which will be used to enhance safety issues. However, two individuals were caught off guard as they were honored for their contributions.

Current Southern Commissioner of MDOT, Tom King and former U.S. Congressman and Southern Comissioner of MDOT, Ronnie Shows, were recognized for their outstanding efforts and work with the trail.

"I think it is great, I was in the legislature when I passed it, it is a great trail. It does a wonderful job and it is great for the citizens in our area and certainly the community" King says.

King's name will be recognized at a newly built parking lot and Shows' after a recreational facility being built in the near future.

Executive Director of Longleaf Trace, Herlon Pierce mentions he is proud of King's and Shows efforts and that the money will improve the crossway system.

"There has been many concerns about certain intersections, and I would say that probably throughout the life of the trail there has been many as five intersections that we've had constant concern for" Pierce says.

There are 41 different intersections on the Longleaf trail that the board will enhance with preventative crossway safety next year.



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