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Forrest General hospital teams up with non profit organization

FORREST COUNTY, Miss - 'Home is Where the Heart is' is the theme of the Forrest General Hospital and Extra Table Artwork competition for students in Forrest and Lamar County.

One of the judges of the competition, Ivey Swan says, "I think this is a great event, it really is a great way to combine art, children's education, and health. We have seen some really great artwork today, mainly kids from kindergarten to 8th grade. I really wish something like this was around for me because I would have eaten this up."

Students were able to showcase their artwork and give back those who are in need of a meal.

Executive Director of Extra Tables, Michael Vixon mentions, "It seems like a win-win situation. I know with some budget constraints there have been stress put on art programs. Some of the schools do not have an art teacher anymore."

The Cardiovascular Services was also in conjunction with this event and they were excited to help the students and feed the hungry.

When you donate to Extra Table this season, you will receive a card from one of the thousand students who have participated in the competition and Forrest General Hospital will match your donation.



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