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City hall and homeless coalition holds vigil

HATTIESBURG, Miss - City Hall and the Homeless Coalition held a vigil to honor those who suffer from homelessness. The crowd lit candles and passed out fruits and toiletries to those who are out on the streets this Christmas season.

Maxine Coleman the Neighborhood Coordinator says, "We don't want these people to lose hope, we want them to always know that there is someone out there who cares."

While lighting up the crowd with candles, each person had a chance to say the name of someone who died to homelessness.

Pastor Brad Corban says, "As a Christian I think God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others."

Members spoke to the community to raise awareness and the effects of homelessness.

"The Homeless Coalition has grown and grown, but my particular challenge is that we can do a lot more" Pastor Corban says, as he likes for other churches and organizations to join the fight against homelessness.

The Coalition's mission is, "to be an agent for change committed to addressing the short and long term complex issues that contribute to homlessness through the development and implementaton of the necessary infrastructure."



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