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Columbia remembers tornado that hit one year ago today

COLUMBIA, Miss - A year ago today, two days before Christmas an unexpected tornado hit Columbia damaging businesses, even the Mack Grubbs Car Dealership.

Steve Boyd, Sales Manager shares, "Most of the customers were back at our lounge. We got them back to the restrooms. There were small children here. We got them under counters. Literally layed on top of them just to keep the children safe."

The tornado destroyed most of the cars on the lot and the Ford building was completely lost.

"Thats the odd thing about it. I know our business in particular did not have a plan of action for something of this magnitude" says Boyd.

It was not the tornado that shocked Boyd, but the overwheling support Columbia received, even coining the term 'Columbia Strong'.

Boyd says, "Everybody just pulled their energy, resources, and knowledges. Probably if you drove through Columbia today you would not know that a tornado hit a year about because the recovery has gone so well."

One year later Mack Grubbs is in great shape with their business. Most importantly, Columbia has received an ample amount of support to help recover.

Columbia Strong has rebuilt more than 40 homes and and has repaired more than 100 homes in the city.



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