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Local Holiday Helpers

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Christmas is only a day away and in the spirit of the season, MyFox23, St. Vincent De Paul Society, Mack Grubbs Motors, Mack Grubbs Hyundai, Lights Jewelers, and the Corner Market stepped up to help a few families have a better Christmas.

Local President of St. Vincent De Paul Ministry, Don McCloskey said, “We’re sponsoring six needy families and their children with a Christmas dinner and with Christmas items for the household and also for the children.”

We’re collecting clothes, food, money, and toys for these families. Any type of donation will go a long way.

McCloskey said “just from talking to them, just to set things up, their emotions was overwhelming that somebody cared enough to make it a better season for them. But I think when they actually receive the food, and when they receive the household items, and especially the gifts for the children, which normally they wouldn’t have anything to unwrap. I think it’ll probably generate a few tears of joy.”

Helping out these local families only speaks volumes to the great people throughout the community that made these people’s Christmas much brighter.

McCloskey said “it’s immense just to see compassion, and to see the spirit coming out in people and people working together for a common cause to help the less fortunate just is immense for the entire community.”



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