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Four legged friends need warm attention this season

HATTTIESBURG, Miss - Winter season is officially here in the Pine Belt region and your furry friends need warmth too!

The safest place for your pet this holiday is inside, says Ginny Sims of the Southern Pines Animal Shelter.

"They have signs like we do, you see them shivering trying to huddle up and stay warm. When the the temperatures drop, give them a place to stay warm, they will automatically try and go there."

If your pet is unable to be inside Sims shares what you can do to prevent them from getting cold.

"A good shelter is really important, it should shield them from the elements, three sides, a roof, floor, if the shelter can be elevated a little bit, it can help the cold from getting through from the bottom" says Sims.

Although, you can watch out for your own pets, there are outside animals that may need your help.

"You know as the temperatures drop you are going to see neighborhood and community cats and other wildlife. They might seek warmth at the hood of your car. It is always safe to give them a little knock before you hop in your car so they have time to get out" Sims says.

Other than physical warmth, it is always a good for your pets to have the right diet.

Lots of water during the holiday season is important. Most importantly, pets need sufficent amounts of food in order for their bodies to produce energy to stay warm.

Sims mentions, "Even if you do not have a pet this season, donating blankets, comforters, and towels to your local shelter will keep those animals warm."

If you see any stray pets cold on the street you can give the Hattiesburg Police Department a call at (601) 544 - 7900 as they will direct you to the appropriate department.



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