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Hattiesburg Arborist encourages proper Christmas tree disposal

HATTIESBURG, Miss - The City of Hattiesburg's Urban Forestry Division is gearing up for its Annual Christmas Tree Recycling program.

All trees collected will be chipped into mulch and placed at Highland Cemetary for public pick up.

Recycle tree mulch can be used for landscaping, gardening, and compost says city Arborist Andy Parker.

"Well it is definitely not good if you put them in ditches it will stop up the drains and get backed up. It takes up a lot of space in a dump and it takes a lot of time for the tree to break down. This is good we put it through a chipper and it stays here in Highland" Paker says.

Residents can drop off their trees at the following locations:

1) Duncan Lake on James Street

2) Cameron Ball Field at Kamper Park

3) Fire Station #8 on Lamar Blvd.

4) Highland Cemetary

By recycling the trees, people save valuable landfill space and reduce illegal dumping.



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