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SPAS property damaged from heavy rainfalls

HATTIESBURG, Miss - The back side of the Southern Pines Animal Shelter (SPAS) has suffered damage from heavy rainfalls the last few weeks, causing a landslide to potentially destroy their drainage system.

The landslide has the potential to damage the foundation of the shelter which can cause a temporary closure of their services.

Vice President of the SPAS Board, James Moore says, "If the foundation slab were to crack or suffer damage, the draining system can become inoperative and can shut SPAS down until further notice."

The shelter has met with professionals to assess damages in order to continue to serve the animals and community together.

"Yes, we have had engineers come out and contractors come out and a temporary fix would to simply fill this back side with concrete, dirt, and gravel. Even the temporary fix would be close to fourteen to fifteen thousand dollars" Moore says.

A local business man and the Humane Society has donated money to keep their service alive. However, the money covers a third of the cost for only a temporary fix.

If the drainage system is destroyed, the animals cannot be serviced properly and may spread disease without effective cleaning twice a day within the kennels.

The shelter services around 200 animals and without the funds for a permanent fix, the animals will not receive proper care.

Moore mentions that the organization is rushing for at least a temporary fix and any donated funds will help the local animals.

If you would like to donate to SPAS you can call James Moore directly at (601) 549-2392.



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