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Former lawyer advocates the importance of education

HATTIESBURG, Miss - Dick Scruggs spent six of the last seven years in federal custody for a judicial bribery scheme. While in prison he found a new purpose in helping inmates receive their GED education and has become the spokesman for 'Second Chance Mississippi'.

Scruggs says, "It was very rewarding for me, I did not really have a sense of purpose when I went to prison. This gave me a sense of purpose. I decided to keep doing it when I came out."

When Scruggs was serving time, inmates found out he was a lawyer and became a GED Instructor, specifically teaching mathematics.

Second Chance Mississipi raises awareness to government officials about GED funding and education.

Terri Clarck, Director of Adult Education at Pearl River Community College says, "With Mr. Scruggs being the advocate this will bring so much community awareness to what we are doing at Pearl River, adult education, GED prep, and workforce readiness training."

GED Instructor, Matt Mccoy feels the need of funding and education far beyond the school system too and helps inmates receive their GED.

"A lot of those guys if they don't have a family or somebody to take care of them when they get out or maybe a job lined up then they are just going to end back at the prison system" Mccoy says.

Mccoy further supports Scruggs mission in spreading awareness.

"The past few year what he has done, I think he has actally seen what these guys and gals go through being away from their family and I just really appreciate what he's doing I mean I think it's very admirable."

According to Second Chance Mississippi's website 500,000 adults in Mississppi do not have a GED.

Scruggs is planning to spread the mission all over the state this year.




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