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Mississippi power donates time in honor of MLK Jr. day

HATTIESBURG, Miss - In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day Mississippi Power volunteered their day off with Christian Services.

The workers of Mississippi Power volunteers monthly with Christian Services, but their entire team decided to honor MLK Jr. and support the Pine Belt residents.

President and CEO of Mississippi Power, Anthony Wilson says, "What we are doing today is our way of honoring Dr. King and his legacy. We have what we consider a day on instead of a day off. So we have a large number of our employees here volunteering and helping the community."

The workers organized food, moved heavy furniture, and sorted out the Christian Services' thrift store the entire morning.

Director of Outreach for Christian Services, Catherine Jorns says, "It is humbly and inspiring because they are such a large corporatation and they see the importance of giving back to the is special because they are actually here stepping our of their normal jobs."

Mississippi Power employees mention it is a great way to give back to the community where they work on a daily basis.

"They would rather be here doing things for the community you know things that the community needs versus just kind of laying around and doing nothing" says Annie McMillan, District Manager of Mississippi Power.

Christian Services' goal "is to see a unified Body of Christ reaching souls and helping those in need" according to their website.

For five days a week Christian Services prepares 700 meals a day to ensure Pine Belt residents are fed.



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