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NSF Career Award

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Classes started for students on Tuesday at Southern Miss, but that's not the only USM topic.

USM assistant professor, Dr. Song Guo, received the National Science Foundation's Early Career Development Award.

Guo said "it means a lot because it only awards about 400 to the whole field of science in the whole country. So on average, not every school or every department can get a few every year, so it really put us, our department, onto a national radar. And also they trust me to put me into a position of a future leader for this field."

The award Dr. Gou received is the National Science Foundation's most prestigious award that supports junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through the integration of education and research.

Guo said "we get this award by proposing to conduct research on studying the structure and the property correlation of nano scale chemically dope organic materials."

Guo received nearly a $500,000 grant to conduct research over a five-year time span.

Guo said "this grant will mainly support graduate students and undergraduate students in my lab to conduct research. It would also help us to conduct many educational activities. To expose this science field to many elementary and middle school students and we'll also have some workshops to be conducted with local high schools to provide some opportunities for them to do some research."

Southern Miss's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has an extensive history of this prestigious award being granted to its faculty members. Guo is the sixth USM faculty member to receive the NSF Career award.




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