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Southern Miss vs. La-Tech 2.0

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Last time Southern Miss played La-Tech, it didn't go so well for them, but over the weekend, the Golden Eagles played the Bulldogs at home in hopes for a better result.

Guard, Khari Price said, "Some people call it revenge. I just call it trying to getting a win in conference. We were both 2-3 coming in here."

Early in the first half, the Bulldogs had the momentum, forcing turnovers and knocking down open buckets. While the Golden Eagles were playing catch up and trying to find their groove.

Price said "I mean they have two really good players in number zero and number two. When they get to a certain point in the game, it's like they're playing two on five. They just go to their best players when they need a bucket."

Offensively, the Bulldogs could not be stopped in the first half, with both McCree and Hamilton scoring 23 points combined before halftime. But with the 17 points, Khari Price and Tim Rowe combined for in the first half, the Golden Eagles were only down 38-25 at halftime and were looking forward to a better start in the second half.

Price said "as a competitor, I just like to compete and number zero, Hamilton, is one of the best guards in the conference, and to play against him on a night like this. He's a basketball player… it don't get no better."

Now in the second, things got a little better for the Golden Eagles. Southern Miss cut their deficit to three, but they started to lose momentum after La-Tech almost converted an alley-oop.

Price said "I think it took a lot of air out of the gym honestly. Even though he didn't make it, just getting that intentional foul call with them getting two free throws and the ball back. I think that took a lot of momentum away from what we had going. It was at a point in the game where it was hard to get it back."

From that point on, the Bulldogs could not be stopped and the Golden Eagles could not make shots on pivotal possessions, which enabled La-Tech to cruise to victory.

After a 30-point defeat against La-Tech a few weeks ago, the Golden Eagles were hoping for revenge. But revenge did not happen Saturday night as Southern Miss lost to La-Tech, 70-59.




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