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USM campus police finds burned unidentified vehicle

HATTIESBURG, Miss - The Campus Police department at USM found an unidentified burned Nissan vehicle at the old USM Golf Course.

Captain Keyes says that the University Grounds department called campus police at around 9 A.M. to alert officers of the unknown vehicle.

"At that point we went to further investigate and the vehicle was burned beyond identification so we are still attemping to locate some identification numbers to be able to properly place the vehicle at the right jurisdiction" says Capt. Keyes.

Campus Officers are working with a variety of jurisdictions, once the license numbers are revealed, they will contact the appropriate law enforcement.

However, Capt. Keyes mentions he believes the car was stolen and registered in Hattiesburg.

If you have any information about the case please give campus police a call at (601) 266-4986.




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