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African American Museum honors four former USO female volunteers

HATTIESBURG, Miss - In honor of Black History month the African American museum kicked of their celebration by recognizing former female USO volunteers.

The host of the program, Col. Sheila Varnado says, "These ladies tell from a civilian perspective how the community embraced these soldiers who were stationed at Camp Shelby, but did not have an entertainment outlet."

The four females were given a plaque that celebrates the time they volunteered to the once active USO in the 1940's.

Former volunteer, Vermell Jackson says, "I feel very good, they recognized some of the things we have done, but we did not think at the time it was anything, but now we realized we did a great service for our country."

One out of the four celebrated women, Mildred Hart, passed away last week, but was remembered for her service.




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