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Another H'burg shooting

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Around 8:30 Thursday night, police said an argument escalated, then shots were fired.

Hattiesburg Police Officer, Lt. Jon Traxler said, "Hattiesburg Police received a call of shots being fired around the 200 block of Att Avenue when officers responded to the scene."

Police said the man who fired the shots was Shannon Parker, 45.

Traxler said "we don't know of any ties to the two. The suspect pulled up got out spoke to the people that lived there and then started shooting."

A neighbor didn't see the crime, but did witness the aftermath. She said it's a quiet neighborhood and is shocked by what happened.

A local resident said, "A truck ran over into our yard, which was over in the ditch. If it had come across the ditch, it would have went into our house. My grandchildren were here. We kept seeing the blue lights, but we wasn't paying too much attention, but we did hear the bump. And then we gotten up, looked out the door and the police were out there. But they were trying to get him out. If they had stayed there any longer I would've had a heart attack."

Police said Parker shot the victim at the right side of his stomach. Police said Parker is now facing aggravated assault charges.




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