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City council votes 4 - 1 approves HPD auctioning guns

HATTIESBURG, Miss - City Council voted Tuesday night 4 to 1, allowing HPD to auction off their surplus of guns that has accumulated over the years.

HPD wants to auction off their guns to generate money for their department and to also make more room in their inventory room.

Citycouncil woman Deborah Delgado opposed the approval of theguns recircuiting into the public.

"It bothers me that we can possibly sitting in a situation where some of these weapons can be put on the streets for whatever the means may be and that can results to loss of life" Delgado says.

Councilwoman Mary Dryden opposes guns, but says auctioning the guns will aid in public safety.

"We have of these things that need to be disposed of, and the police department is critical for the safety of this community and I want them to have all the resources available that they can possibily have" Dryden says.

The guns will be sold to an auction house and can be bought by licensed dealers.




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