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City council overrides Mayor DuPree's veto against land app 4 - 1

HATTIESBURG, Miss - A special meeting was called Wednesday night to discuss Mayor DuPree's veto against the land application waste water treatment system.

City Council voted 4 - 1 and overruled Mayor DuPree's veto. The City of Hattiesburg will move forward with the system.

The waste water will be treated from the lagoons and transported to areas in Forrest and Lamar County to irrigate timber.

City Council President, Kim Bradley, mentions that some people are not too fond of the land application system.

"Representatives from this city who went to the meetings, put miswords, wrong numbers, and half truths that we were spraying sewage in Lamar county. We are not spraying sewage in Lamar county. They don't want Hattiesburg's waste water there, well a good bulk of the waste water is coming from residential areas in Lamar county that are coming in and being treated in the city" Bradley says.

Mayor DuPree mentions in a bullet point letter to Council that "choosing the land application system as the preferred waste water treatment for Hattiesburg, diseregards a proven method such as the mechanical treatment facility."




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