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Anonymous businessman donates services to Southern Pines Animal Shelter

HATTIESBURG, Miss - An anonymous businessman donated his services for free to the Southern Pines Animal Shelter (SPAS).

The heavy rains caused a landslide effect at the back side of the SPAS. After engineers and contractors reviewed the damage it was likely the foundation of the building and water system was at risk.

SPAS is temporarily shut down, while the location is being restored and the animals have been shipped to other local shelters for assistance.

The money received for the Humane Society of the United States, local businesses, and donations has helped the rebuilding of SPAS.

SPAS Director, James Moore, says, "This is a tight time of the year, especially after Christmas. The work that the contractor is doing we cannot have done this without the generosity. It is a great community from individuals, local businesses, and especially the contractor that stepped in at this time."

Without the donations and assistance from the community the project would cost an estimate of $45,000.




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