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Hub City Special Olympics plans to add more fun for the athletes

The Hub City Special Olympics Spring Games are coming soon.

The Hub City has a new person in charge and she is planning some cool things for the athletes.

Regional director, Amber Wadsworth said, "For the future, we foresee a lot of things taking place outside of the actual games. We would like to have community involvement, possibly maybe some dances and some social events for our athletes to kind of get a sense of community. The most exciting part for me is to see the athletes and to hear them say for instance, our football team won state and they said it's the best day of their life. And that they were so excited. So really the best part for me is to see the smile on their faces and the sense of community for the parents as well."

The Spring Games start on Saturday March 5 at USM’s Payne Center. The Spring Games will include basketball and soccer.



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