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Potential consolidation for Lumberton schools

LAMAR COUNTY, Miss - Lumberton students could be switching school districts in 2018. The Senate was introduced to a new bill on Wednesday which could unevenly split Lumberton schools between Lamar and Pearl River county.

Lamar County Superintendent, Tess Smith, says, "The way it is currently written there, a trustee would be appointed this July, just in a few short months if it passes."

The transition is a two year cycle and the appointed trustee will oversee the movement of two different county schools.

Around 400 students will move to Lamar and the other 200 to Pearl River.

Smith says it is not about the space, but having enough time to prepare financially for an influx of students.

"That is one of my biggest concerns right, that any debt we might face, related to this consolidation. If the bill is coming it would be good to know that way we can factor it into this bill" says Smith.

The bill will take two weeks to complete its cycle through the Senate and Lamar school district will inform families of any changes.

Smith is working with State Sen. John Pulk, R-Hattiesburg, who is part of the Education Committee to gain more answers.



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