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City hall starts new finance campaign

HATTIESBURG, Miss - The city of Hattiesburg proclaimed this week as 'Hattiesburg Saves Week' in honor of America Saves.

Mayor DuPree's assistant, Valerie Arnold, introduced a new component of the Mayor's Financial Education literacy program and savings campaign with the implementation of 13, five-gallon water containers to be housed in each of the City's buildings to inspire employees and the community to deposit coins.

The 5 gallon containers are labeled, 'You Look like a Saver-Let your Change CHANGE a Life'. The funds collected will be deposited towards a new economic initiative that aims to establish a savings account for area kids entering into Kindergarten.

"The psychology of learnig for kids began at an early age and if you start at an early age with putting the mindset in a childs' mind that, 'I want to save for college and I want to go to college' they grow up knowing this in their mind and this is something that they (child) want to do" says Arnold.

The city is even promoting financial responsibility for residents too. Local bank Manager, Carlos Brown, mentions saving begins with setting a budget.

Brown says, "Setting a budget is probably the most important thing someone should do first, so they can see how much money they can afford to save, once you set a budget, it is important to stick to that to make sure that you have a needs and a wants category."

The 3rd annual proclamation's goal is to motivate and encourage residents to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth all year long.



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