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Wayne county sheriff plans to seize drug dealers' bank accounts

WAYNE COUNTY, Miss - Sheriff Jody Ashley of the Wayne County Sheriff's Department is working with the FBI to seize the bank accounts of local drug dealers.

"You know in the last two months the types of cases we have been arresting is crystal meth here in Wayne county" Sheriff Ashley says.

This is the first time the department is practicing this method of stopping drugs and putting a freeze on an account builds a case for a trial.

Sheriff Ashley says, "We will go after their accounts, that is where you know they are selling for profit. We will talk with the FBI, get the paperwork, go right after their accounts."

Within the last 60 days the department has taken $3,600 worth of crystal meth and $2,000 of marijuana off the streets.

"We don't want drug dealers here in Wayne county and we are not going to put up with this and tolerate this in Wayne county. We are here to ensure the safety of the people of Wayne county" Sheriff Ashley says.

Since Jan. 4 Sheriff Ashley has been working on 30 felony drug cases. The first grand jury trial begins in June.



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