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Some residents in the Forrest County areas may need to evacuate due to flood warnings

Forrest County, Miss. - Heavy rain is causing a lot of damage around the area, which is forcing roads to close and people to vacate their homes.

Glen Moore, Emergency Management district director said, "There's three rivers that's going to effect the Hattiesburg, Petal, Forrest County area. The first one, will be the Bouie River, which is going to crest around 1 o'clock tonight at 25 feet. At 25 feet, it's going to be moderate flooding. The main area of concern is going to be the Leaf, which will crest at 9 o'clock Sunday morning at 25 feet. At 6 o'clock in the morning, the Leaf is going to be at 27.5 feet, so there's an urgency involved in people needing to evacuate and begin that plan soon. The last river is the Black Creek in the Brooklyn, South Forrest County area. It will crest around midnight at 25 feet and it's going to require some evacuation.”

Moore said there is a good chance that some areas can reach up to 34 feet.



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