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City officials assessing water damage around the Pine Belt

HATTIESBURG, Miss - After the heavy rainfall and floods over the weekend, city officials are assessing damages all over the Pine Belt.

Law Enforcement Coders of Hattiesburg, Mark Jordan, mentions there are over 50 structures that have been damaged, however they are still counting. City coders are using a new app that will allow officials to document damages faster.

"It is a lot more efficient. It allows the Mayor and the administration and the emergency planners to have real timing information for planning purposes" says Jordan.

Mayor Johnny DuPree is waiting on the final counts to request disaster relief funds and mentions the more volunteers, the more funds provided.

"Those volunteers that we get, we get a certain amount of money that goes towards our 25% match that we have. We get reimbursed if we get a federal declaration and that is what we are trying to do" says Mayor DuPree.

The city can get 75% reimbursement after the numbers are quanitified by the city and state, if given a federal declaration.

"Hopefully we can off set that by the volunteers we get" says Mayor DuPree.

American Red Cross (ARC) is working with the city to count the damages.

Michael Andersons of ARC says, "We will be trying to establish a few points of presence in the community. We will be trying to go to our clients one way or possible."

The total damages and numbers should be presented this week.

The city is asking any resident whose property has been damaged to inform city hall for documentation purposes.



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